The Project Schedule Management Plan is the process of establishing the policies and procedures for planning, developing, managing, executing and controlling the project schedule

Its main purpose is to define main project control procedures aligned with all project stakeholders to assure an integrated and proper execution of Noor Energy 1 Project. This plan is focused on project schedule preparing, schedule updating and project progress reporting. In this vision, several auxiliary documents are needed for an appropriate covering of the Project Master Schedule, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), reporting system, deliverable schedule, registers, Procurement control schedule, Construction work schedule and other Planning Documents like progress curves and manpower histograms.

The performance measurement in Noor Energy 1 Project is based on the Earned Value Management (EVM) rules (as described in ANSI/PMI 99-001-2017). Its analysis is based on the comparison between the performance measurement baseline to the actual schedule cost performance. Several performance indicators are used to ensure a proper performance and trend analysis on weekly basis by the project team such as Schedule Performance Index and Schedule Variance.