Quality Policy

Quality policy of 950 MW CSP Hybrid Power Plant Phase IV

Committed to providing efficient, reliable, environment-friendly power equipment and  energy  system  solutions;  regarding  meticulosity,  respect  for  rules  and  processes, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence as the core of the quality culture; set all share holder requirement  fulfilment,  social  trust  achievement as  the  final  evaluation  criteria;  through lean manufacturing, quality engineering and considerate service, we create brand and value together with our share holders

Quality Policy principles can be understood as follows:

  • Comply with requirements of Contract, current legislation and applicable codes and standard.
  • Manage quality matters as any other critical business activity.
  • Ensure that all personnel, involved in the project, will be provided with adequate information, instruction and training, throughout the project.
  • In 950 MW CSP Hybrid Power Plant Phase IV, it will be ensured effective communication and explanation of the Quality Policy among the organization.
  • Quality Policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure continuing suitability.

Quality objectives


Project Management Company is responsible for defining the quality objectives  according  to  the  requirements  in  the  contract,  formulating  plans  to  accomplish objectives.  Project Management Company is also responsible for Quality Management System planning including the plans to monitoring and analyzing the progress of quality objectives.

Management Requirement:

The Establishment of Objectives

The general quality objectives of this project

  • Equipment: with leading technology, champion quality, craftsmen manufacturing, supply-chain collaboration, on-time delivery, we produce first-class products.
  • Project: with optimized design, compliant procurement, elaborate construction, satisfactory performance, safe and environmental-friendly activities, we provide excellent projects.
  • Service: with customer-first concept, demand-oriented thinking, professional and dedicated attitude, rapid response, win-win cooperation, we promise customer satisfaction. In order to be able to assess the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, the Project Management Company has established a list of measurable Quality Objective Indicators that form the baseline for further enhancement of quality management.

The Quality objectives Indicators are:

  • Equipment ex-work inspection (witness) qualification rate: over 96%.
  • Construction drawing qualification rate: over 95%.
  • Civil sub-divisional work first time inspection pass rate: over 98%.
  • Installation sub-divisional work first time inspection pass rate: over 98%.
  • The supervised welding joints first time inspection pass rate: over 98%.
  • Sub-system Commissioning work first time inspection pass rate: over 90%.
  • MSR hydraulic test, MSR lifting, molten salt storage Tank water-filling test, unit energization, unit synchronization: completed as schedule and successful in one time.
  • Customer satisfaction rate: over 88%.